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Let the Rain Fall Down [entries|friends|calendar]

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happy new year! [January 01, 2006 @ 12:57am]
[ mood | amused ]

happy new year everyone! i hope you all are having a great time and i pray that everyone, including myself, has a wonderful 2006! i did nothing...as usual. the last time i actually went out for new year's was freshman year when me and tasha (my ex-best friend) went to the movies new year's eve. we went to see bad santa with this dude named jeff she was talking to. then we went out to eat. and me and her went back to her house...it was fun. we was 14 and 15 thinking we was really doing something. ESPECIALLY since jeff was 17. lol those were the good old days. uhmmmmmmmmmmm yeah so...i dont think i will be making a new journal any time soon because i just dont feel like it. this is about the 3rd or 4th journal i have had and i dont feel like going through the process of re-starting anymore. sorry you guys! but yeah. i mean i will most likely make a new one by the end of this year so yeah. lol. but yeah i mean i am fine with this one, i guess. BUT the rest of the changes i have acted on have gone pretty well. my hair is no longer dark brown, as of friday. yep yep, i am a redhead, everyone! pix will be up soon but you cant really see the hair color too well on my camera but yeah. and i have become a lot calmer over this past hour and 2 minutes that i have been in the year of 2006! lol like that has any relevance...i havent done shit to NOT be calm...man i feel like i should be doing something school related tomorrow. i feel like i should have been working on a science project of some sort...*oh shit my mom just started coughing again and she scared the shiznits outta me cause i thought she was having another heart attack. she is alright though. i went to check on her. goodness. she is really scaring me cause she is still coughing and crap. oh lordy let my heart start beating right again...aight im good* i feel like i should have been working on it but i think the day ms. jones told my class the due date is the day that i was absent from school. when i went back i got the notes i missed and all that crap but no one spoke of any science project. but i have this horrible feeling that it is due when i get back. do you know i will make up some shit like i did in middle school? LOL boy i crack myself up. but hopefully its not...man i gotta keep my B in physics! and my rank as number 6 in that damn class! anyway so yeaaaaaaaah. ooooops. i just realized i broke one of my resolutions: stop cursing. i am not sure how many times i cursed in this entry but i just need to end this before i curse some more. lol that is hilarious. an hour into the new year and i already broke one of my resolutions! shiiiiiiiit. i give up!

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my update for the day [December 18, 2005 @ 10:21am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

how can you expect someone to help you if you can't even help yourself?

*dedicated to my mother*

she told me she would stop smoking after the heart attack. i look in her purse this morning and i see a pack of cigarettes...wtf am i supposed to do? she is a trip. if she ends back up in the hospital due to lung cancer, see if i give a damn.


friends ONLY [December 15, 2005 @ 10:07pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

this journal is amigos ONLY b/c ppl are nosey and i don't want my business all out there so...if you would like to be added, just comment w/your name, age, location and one interesting thing about yourself....you will be added back, k? gracias!

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